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  • Stalag 17

    Stalag 17

    This went completely over my head, I gotta admit. I was meant to watch it last week and chose movies I actually wanted to watch instead, but I had time for a movie tonight and decided to go hard and choose one that might surprise me. Lesson learned lol.

  • Lea to the Rescue

    Lea to the Rescue


    I just love these movies and everything they represent and the weird time capsule element of them this actually feels older than 2016 now that I'm mentioning that element… anyway… yes to Nadia Tass coming back to direct too, I wasn't ready for that (much as I was grudgingly satisfied with the Vince Marcello ones). This movie happens to be insane… but if anything I loved it more for that…

  • Dutch



    "I've talked and talked and talked to you until I could puke coat hangers. I'm me. You're you. There's no reason on Earth why we should spend any more time with each other." (adding this quote and bumping the rating to 4 stars… John Hughes man… it's still not a thanksgiving or holiday movie but it's really great…)

    "you know what? you're like a great big demented child!"

    Almost glad I didn't have an old review of this from when…

  • A Certain Smile

    A Certain Smile


    "Tell me how horrible I've been."

    This was my latest attempt to read a classic French book in its original language as an attempt to my improve my most loved other language and I wanna babble for a minute about that first cos I think it's wonderful… more so than the last Boileau-Narcejac book I read this way ( try my best to read it blind at work in my breaks without assistance… then when I finish a chapter or…

  • Angel Face

    Angel Face


    I'm just gonna say… Jean Simmons… and… if you don't think you have prurient interests pre-60s cinema (and cinema in general) mightn't be for you… (sorry, I listened to Bob Dylan's new book this weekend…)

  • The Affairs of Dobie Gillis

    The Affairs of Dobie Gillis


    I can see how this became a sitcom and I can't wait to watch it… that's why I ended up watching it. I was meant to watch Stalag 17 and Mogambo tonight which I'm sure are brilliant but I reached out to my own notes to find something else and there they were cos I planned. I"m telling you to plan. sometimes you won't like your plan. that's when you find movies like this which are nothing by that perspective by everything from an authentic one and the only ones that matter.

  • The Conquest of Everest

    The Conquest of Everest


    A documentary more stylised than I expected (literally thought it'd be one of the least stylised docs for some reason). I wasn't sure what to make of it in the end for what it did to me but I'm inclined toward the positive… I wanted more of a document than a presentation… it's a close call, but either way, too far one way for me… Still glad I remembered this to replace another '53 movie I had planned to watch tonight and was not in the mood for… not a great movie, but an important document, and a real documentary, mostly…

  • Torch Song

    Torch Song


    "Joe I have very broad shoulders, but not broad enough for the whole world to cry on."

    An even weirder double with The Actress than expected, it's weird enough to see Joan Crawford pretty much playing what most of us have come to know is pretty much "herself" because of Mommie Dearest as if it isn't really her, and that's before she starts singing, and she does all that pretty great too, at the same time as being very conscious…

  • The Actress

    The Actress


    This is so much more fantastic than I even thought when I put it down based on the fact it was written by Ruth Gordon… just in the absolute zone of female character studies you can't believe were made when they were made that I've loved discovering the most through this time travel journey. also absolutely set me up for some of the Spencer tracy movies I've been scheduling for the next few months even though I wasn't sure how…

  • The Robe

    The Robe


    "why it's just ordinary homespun… is it really bewitched?"

    In my head this was always the movie that tried to kill TV before even the religious stuff but honestly I was pleasantly surprised, there's a richness here to the religious romanticisation that really worked for me as a non-religious person in the same way as I talked about Ben-Hur, the tone and the score especially are so insanely fantastic, just for sure one of the better of this kind of…

  • Troop Beverly Hills

    Troop Beverly Hills


    "It really frosts my cookies that we have worked so hard and we have come so far and now we have to stop!"

    I'm a little devastated to find everything that's perfect in Addams Family Values (and maybe Troop Zero too, but I'm not gonna go that far yet cos that one's too precious) was done here 4 years earlier, but frankly (in the case of Values) it can't be denied… watched this just cos they mentioned it on my…

  • Titanic



    "We must have come close. Did we hit it?"
    "No sir. It hit us."

    I almost didn't even need to watch this movie and I'm not gonna pretend I have anything at all to say, 'cos it's exactly what I expected, I'd just say that compared to A Night to Remember and SOS Titanic, I think I appreciated this a little more artistically compared - but even if Cameron's epic is the result of a fever dream combo of memories…