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  • Thank Your Lucky Stars

    Thank Your Lucky Stars


    1943 had a gaggle of musicals (even Laurel and Hardy got in on it, one thing I forgot to say about Jitterbugs was how good the musical numbers were) but this is probably the best cos it has so many original numbers in it ("Love isn't Born, It's Made" is my fave). Of course it's also yet another celebrity clusterfuck which seems to have been a thing at the time, and that's a joy in itself, the randomness of these all time greats appearing in something so far from classic.

  • Journey into Fear

    Journey into Fear


    Wasn't sure if I'd fit this rewatch in this month but I wanted to very much, I remember thinking a lot more of it when I was a teenager and hadn't seen much - I'm flagging a lot today though after a long weekend (I'm not even American but we've always done thanksgiving food wise) and didn't enjoy it massively but, watching it again at all was better than not.

  • Stage Door Canteen

    Stage Door Canteen


    This a little more than just the celeb cameo fest I was expecting and I realised that a little too late. It's pretty wonderful in the final minutes… god that literal final minute with Katherine Hepburn is everything. 1943 was a vibe.

  • Spencer



    "I want our princess of Wales to want something."

    "You have to be willing to make your body do things you hate."
    "'You hate?' 'You hate?'"
    "Yes . For the good of the people. Because they don't want us to be people."

    "Mummy, you said to tell you if you were being really silly."

    "If I ever do become queen what will I be?"

    "Fuck doctors what you need is love. Love, shocks and laughter."

    I wasn't sure if I'd…

  • Girl Crazy

    Girl Crazy


    "You are the most precocious, overconfident, spoiled young man I've ever had the misfortune to meet."
    "I think you're cute too."

    Bitty just like the Laurel and Hardy movies I watched last night, but so much more accomplished. I loved watching it with my Sunday/Judy partner cos she gave me such trivia as how the last ridonkulous scene was one of the ones shot by Busby Berkeley before he was replaced by Norman Taurog. I don't know all the deets…

  • Jitterbugs



    A much more straightforward story than Dancing Masters, and surprisingly contains a more extensive drag sequence, all of which made it a lot less funny for me… but it's still perfectly entertaining.

  • The Dancing Masters

    The Dancing Masters


    I have no idea how they got where they ended up from the title scenario but I giggled plenty along the way. I told you months ago all my Laurel & Hardy reviews are probably gonna be the same…

  • Black Friday

    Black Friday


    Sort of forced myself to watch this today since I never got around to it last year and why watch a movie called Black Friday if you're not gonna watch it on Black Friday? It doesn't really go anywhere but it's okay with some neat gory makeup effects, Devon Sawa and Bruce Campbell are always great, and it took me half the movie to realise that was Ofelia from Pan's Labyrinth. Sort of reminded me of Cooties, The Mist, and…

  • JFK



    I planned to do this 10 years ago for the 50th anniversary of the shooting but never got round to it… this time finally watched it with the commentary the other day before rewatching it (it's a movie I can't honestly be sure if I've ever even seen before except for the fact that, I simply must have, right?), and, while I can't deny that it needed to be done and it was worth it… I'm not sure if I…

  • As Good as It Gets

    As Good as It Gets


    "You don't owe me that."
    "It wasn't a payment."

    This movie is about how even the worst asshole might accidentally do the right thing from time to time given the opportunity. That's why it's slowly become the greatest movie I've ever seen, every time I see it (though I didn't get it at all when I first saw it in the 90s), and becomes more important the further we survive into the nightmare that is modern society,

  • American Girl: Corinne Tan

    American Girl: Corinne Tan


    I always want my American Girl movies to be Christmas movies, and at least there's plenty of snow here. This is one of the latest ones that are more like TV specials than features but as long as they list them on here I'll log them cos I have seen them all now. This was cute enough for me, and got me emotional on the level I've talked about plenty before, I spent the rest of the night before this…

  • Jackie



    "It has to be beautiful."

    "The world's gone mad… build a fortress in Boston and never look back…"

    "I think you should talk to a priest."
    "I want to talk to the press."

    "For royalty you need tradition and for tradition you need time."

    "People need their history. They need to know that real men lived here and faced adversity…"

    "We could've done so much more…"

    This is a movie about how you'll never understand.

    I could've written this second-watch…