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  • Mad God

    Mad God


    this such a movie to watch on too many beers so I can't imagine what it's like high on better things lol. I can't help but feel I'd be unreasonably cruel to it if I watched it any other way though, cos its backstory kinda makes it critic proof, you can't not like it cos the dude spent 30 years and nearly killed himself etc… anyway it's nonsensical nonsquitur Doozers from Fraggle Rock* meets Alan Parker's film of Pink Floyd's…

  • Witness for the Prosecution

    Witness for the Prosecution


    I'm funny with Billy Wilder and feel like I have to start all over again separate to my yearly project. I've been putting this off all month so was clearly never gonna be in the mood for it n I'm looking forward more to listening to the Kat Ellinger commentary after. It reminded me of an overlooked Hitchcock, the Paradine Case with an even more tongue in cheek/especially trashy for Wilder touch?. Loved every minute Charles Laughton and Marlene Dietrich were onscreen. Yeh it definitely wasn't bad but gonna take me another bit.

  • Fear Strikes Out

    Fear Strikes Out


    When you watch Anthony Perkins in anything older than Psycho it really hurts. I actually watched this for Robert Mulligan but to be honest I think he was at the mercy of the standard here. It's a solid movie, just nothing massively special. It grew on me maybe more cos of my investment in those parties so I was trying harder but for most at best it'll be cheesy average…

    *edit* when it all kicks off is pretty fantastic lol.

  • Peyton Place

    Peyton Place


    "You're makin me blush all over…"

    Everything I needed going into summer not to mention writing a shoreside story that borders if not relies on soapy mentality… something that makes me wish I could actually sigh like a 50s teenage girl… Long as shit but…

  • Happy Is the Bride

    Happy Is the Bride


    Cracking up cos I was writing a whole new review forgetting I'd already watched this… I think this has to speak in the movie's favour, cos ultimately I kinda liked it… I just love Janette Scott let's be honest. old review.

  • Separate Tables

    Separate Tables


    Another 58 movie I wish I loved more than I really did. I just didn't get into it, I should've been ready for it being based on a play but I try not to let that kind of thing put me off cos I have a lot of faves of that origin… and with this cast? but as much as the tone and moods was in my zone the characters and story never connected, it did totally drift in to…

  • I Want to Live!

    I Want to Live!


    Closer, but I really hoped this would balance the Robert Wise '58 double against the disappointing Run Silent, Run Deep a little better. The female performances life it a lot. It's obviously my fave of the two, though no less dated. On the one hand I appreciate that this may be the earliest courtroom drama (a genre I very quickly came to love in my early movie love days), on the other, even if it was the first on some of these narrative techniques, it can't help but feel tired. Robert Wise was clearly versatile but he had better years than '58.

  • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

    Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


    "I get so lonely."
    "Everybody gets that."
    "Living with somebody you love can be lonelier than living entirely alone - if the one you love doesn't love you."

    "Why can't you get fat and ugly so I can stand it?"

    "Not looking at a fire doesn't put it out."

    Mood. I wanted to like this a whole lot more than I ultimately did - maybe I was a little distracted - but dang, the mood. I really love Tennessee Williams,…

  • A Night to Remember

    A Night to Remember


    Has a similar subtext to On the Beach, I guess, though I wouldn't have seen it in that context if I hadn't forced it on myself. Personallly I can obviously only compare it with Cameron's movie n it's not possible to do that favourably, this feels like a procedural by comparison. I'm glad I watched it anyway.

    (added a half star cos I posted what precedes this before the end but there's something about the ending that's so unbearable cute and honest, as if it knew it would be bettered eventually…)

  • Room at the Top

    Room at the Top


    I was convinced I'd missed my opportunity to watch this one but when I realised I hadn't I bumped it up over a couple of other '59 movies I might not get to now, but I found it ultimately so similar to The L-Shaped Room (which I guess is the movie that made me think I'd seen this already, and sure, this came first, just not for me) I just feel bad for those other movies now. It's fine, just, the way I came at it, not particularly earth shattering.

  • Pickpocket



    The thieving sequences themselves in this are the star, like watching great sleight of hand as it should be - the light story around them, I found surprisingly dull for a 75 minute movie and I didn't fully follow the relationships until the end. Some incredible faces in the cast though.

  • Gidget



    "I feel like a man with a toupée…"

    "What kind of insanity has taken over this family? Cold cash? Legs of lamb?"

    I won't pretend too much that this is a great movie, but I've been dying to see it the more I've seen of Sandra Dee, most recently in A Summer Place. It's just, she's just… adorable. At the same time as recognising it's not the best of feminist messaging, I also can't help but watch things like this…