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  • A King in New York

    A King in New York


    This isn't magical like Limelight but it's one I wanna come back to. I was not in the mood for it to be honest but I'm not gonna shit on it for that.

  • Interlude



    I was so mad at how hard it was to find this one but in the end all it really did for me was mood… that's not nothing but I was hoping for more. This was a special movie I just can't explain it.

  • Run Silent, Run Deep

    Run Silent, Run Deep


    "Those are tall words you better stop and think a minute."

    I had a realisation prior to watching this, realising it was a submarine movie, that probably did it a disservice, cos I watched it for Robert Wise and the first Robert Wise movie I saw probably (if not The Haunting) was Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and there's always been a strong association with those movies and the submarine cinema dynamic, so I was expecting something more comparable? Like…

  • Hairspray



    Such a weird middle for John Waters. I love his completely unhinged originals on one level, I appreciate his later semi-mainstream shit even more (just specifically Pecker, I guess). I only wanted to watch this after reading Harvey Fierstein's autobiography that made me wanna watch all the filmed versions of his works.

  • High School Confidential!

    High School Confidential!


    "This is nice."

    Watched for Michael Landon but to be honest barely noticed him after Russ Tamblyn and Mamie Van Doren… I love the 50s high school vibe though, I could get a little obsessed with that… genuinely wanna be reincarnated as a 50s teen girl (well, a 40s girl, I guess lol)… sorry, tmi. but if you're not following me for that what are you for lol?

  • Nightmare Alley

    Nightmare Alley


    What is with all the wide angle lenses in this movie? So bizarre to me that one of the most interestingly visual directors would shoot themselves in the foot this badly. It looks like the whole thing was shot on the new (lol not even, 3 years in) iPhone ultrawide. Plus, again for such a long running time, it never gets as deep into its subject as, say, that one episode of South Park, Biggest Douche in the Universe… It's…

  • The Power of the Dog

    The Power of the Dog


    This just did even less for me than I thought it might. I don't wanna get into the Oscar thing except that's obviously why I'm watching it before Sunday just in case I last minute decide to do that… but this didn't even feel to me like a Jane Campion movie, just like another flawlessly shot Netflix Product. I didn't glean any of the insight I've heard some of my faves discuss about from it. It felt really empty and…

  • Eternals



    "I'm human. I'm a little biased."

    "I've always envied you, Sersi. Because you got to live as one of them. And I never could. You know why I hated living with humans? Because they reminded me of things I didn't even know I wanted. Because of them, now I want to know what it feels like to grow up. To fall in love. To have a family. And to know in the end I've lived."

    Maybe the most disposable Marvel…

  • Double Bunk

    Double Bunk


    I just love Janette Scott. This is simple and cheesy (Sid James doing his full Carry On laugh a lot) but I had a lot more fun with it than Come September.

  • Intern



    "She had an apple two days ago she should be fine!"

    This is so forgettable I'm almost sure I must've rented it out from whatever DVD place I was with in the early 2000s but have no memory of it but now if you're of that time it might be worth revisiting for the nostalgic vibe. It's a little bit pre-Devil Wears Prada in some ways, though they make nowhere near enough of Joan Rivers' character, major waste. I was…

  • The Hustler

    The Hustler


    Eh, this is smooth enough, but now that I've seen it I'm not sure why I was overly excited to do so. I hope the hours I'm about to spend in the DVD extras before finally seeing The Color of Money (which I'm even more excited about, though less after this) aren't about to be misspent.

  • Two for the Seesaw

    Two for the Seesaw


    "Y'know this chicken is fabulous. What makes it taste like gin?"

    Incredibly dreary slice of life, and I usually like these, but as great as Mitchum and MacLaine and Andre Previn's score are this one feels like it should've stayed on the stage. Or maybe I've just watched one too many movies like it this month - there was certainly something in the air in '62, even my playlist for the year has ended up telling such a story.