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  • It's Good to Be Alive

    It's Good to Be Alive

    Wanted to love/at least like this so much I realised half an hour in I hadn't been paying enough attention (read: I passed out a little) so I restarted it… half an hour later… nope, it just doesn't make sense. Utterly bizarre/pointless TV movie, and I hope you know me enough to know I don't dismiss things I wanna like this easy. Sorry Michael. I guess to be fair it came before most of his more successful work on TV,…

  • Return to Peyton Place

    Return to Peyton Place

    I know that I watched this the other night and I thought I'd written about it too but I don't have a great memory of it. I may have passed out a little. Normally I wouldn't log it 'cos of that but I've no reason to expect it was particularly better than the first one (except for the presence of Carol Lynley, who I watched it for in the first place - I only watched the first one to get here)… so…

  • Firestarter


    This is a non-movie. I feel really bad for the little girl in it. I loved her piece on the Drew show, how Drew embraced her. The movie doesn't deserve it or her, it's utterly bizarre how it entirely bypasses any sense of story or anything that resembles art. I'd say it feels more like a TV movie but that would be an insult to Rekindled which also came to mind watching this. I don't know what happened here.

  • Kinky Boots

    Kinky Boots

    Avoided this for so long cos it seemed so obviously part of the post Full Monty period of pretend progressiveness that went as long as the recent Pride about which I felt the closest same feelings watching this. It broaches issues in places that made me understand why Harvey Fierstein was drawn to adapt it for the stage - the only reason I finally came to watch it 17 years later - but mostly panders to the same ooh-er humorous…

  • The Wrong Mr. Right

    The Wrong Mr. Right

    I was too distracted to have a valid opinion on this as always, duh, god, I hope the is the only reason anyone watches movies like this, as an excuse to be distracted…

  • Model Shop

    Model Shop

    I think the most cognisant thing I can say about this is that I kept forgetting it was a Jacques Demy movie (the reason I had it in my list, I wanna cycle back n watch the ones I missed in my time travels) and thinking it was one of Agnes Varda's… it actually feels more like one of hers to me… but I guess they were both trying the LA thing for the first time together, her with Lions…

  • The Batman

    The Batman

    I never really thought about how a film (Joker) could have a favourite film (The Batman) till now. It's exactly what I what I would've expected from a Robert Pattinson Batman… about 15 years ago - before I realised he's actually a good actor who (til now) made good choices, like, even some of Twilight is okay. This is just a step back for everything, a nonsense mood piece signifying nothing. It feels like a parody. And - like Joker…

  • The Wrong Mommy

    The Wrong Mommy

    There was for sure a moment here I connected… it passed…

  • Licorice Pizza

    Licorice Pizza

    This just felt like a great director doing a slightly more technically perfect rendition of a couple of Cameron Crowe movies. As with Spielberg/West Side, as far as the director goes, no problem, PTA's earned that position where (unfortunately sometimes, more so Spielberg) I'll literally watch anything they do… it's the waste of all the other talent involved that kills me most. There's a mood and a madness captured at times here but zero depth, it truly feels like a…

  • The Wrong Roommate

    The Wrong Roommate

    Went into a weird emotional space with this which wouldn't bear speaking about except it was at least a better place than where I got the last Dominique movie I watched lol. Nothing much to say except like, yeh, what would I expect of a movie like this? I think I recognised Dominique the fragment of a scene she showed up too. Sorry I'm starting to think maybe I should convince myself it's okay to just log and rate without trying to associate words with it but old habits…

    (edit: to be fair… last scene kinda got me a bit…)

  • Come September

    Come September

    "The night is young, but he is not."

    "I don't have to make sense, I'm Italian!"

    This is such a bizarrely disjointed and inconsequential wannabe Italian style sex farce? There are a couple of sweet moments (mostly between Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee - I was thinking of watching Gidget when I get to 1959 and now I know I have to) and one real laugh out loud one (the drunk parakeet) but there's barely a hint of the Robert Mulligan whose direction I ultimately watched it for.

  • Girl Lost: A Hollywood Story

    Girl Lost: A Hollywood Story

    [redacted cos I was pissed in every sense of the word and have no recollection of what I was going on about lol - I'll maybe try to revisit it later in the year]