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In the first scene that we see Lee Van Cleef as Angel Eyes, he is undeniably bad. Tension slowly builds as he gathers information, and then killing off the soldier when he becomes unnecessary to him. He does all this for money. He then goes to kill his employer because of a promise he made. A promise to a dead man. One that he killed. If there is any ambiguity in this movie, it does not come with Angel Eyes. He is most certainly bad.

It is important to note that when Leone refers to Tuco as "ugly" he doesn't mean by looks. It's also important to look at the original title of the film: Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo. If you aren't an Italian expert like I am, you won't know that in this, ugly comes second. Saying that the ugly is somewhere in between good and bad. In which, Tuco most definitely is. Throughout the entire film, we see Tuco, The Ugly, as he tries to stay good in an ugly world. The first scene in which we see Tuco, he kills two men, injuring another, in self defense. He did not do this for fun or money, like we see the bad do consistently throughout. He did it because he had to, because others needed him dead. This shows that he tries to be good, but in the end just turns out ugly.

The good is obviously the one argued with the most. Clint Eastwood as Blondie plays an odd character. But instead of looking at the first scene for him, we must look at the last. He shoots The Bad, but doesn't kill him. He only kills him once Angel Eyes reaches out for his gun to shoot Blondie back. Then, he spares Tuco, giving him his share, showing that he still has respect and glory to his name. But that doesn't take away from the fact that he did kill. And he is not all good, showing that it's impossible to be good in an ugly world.

Which is how I believe the film is seen as by the general public. But I'd like to bring up a new point. Tuco represents good. Blondie also represents good. Angel eyes represents bad. And the world. The world is the ugly.

Tuco and Blondie both try to be good people. They only kill when necessary, and they try not to at every point. Because of this they are rewarded. Both of them make it out alive.

But it's not easy. And they both do kill. Why? Because it's an immoral world. One in which murder is necessary.

Angel Eyes is bad. Angel eyes kills because he wants to. He kills, fueling the ugliness in the world. In fact, it could be argued that the world is actually, just bad. So why do I argue that Ugly is the adjective to describe the world?

Because there's people that try. I don't think that the movie is as pessimistic as people say. I don't think it's about how there's no good in an immoral world. I think it's about people who try to be good in an immoral world, and are rewarded because of it.

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