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  • The Toxic Avenger Part II

    The Toxic Avenger Part II


    Toxie makes his return to Tromaville in The Toxic Avenger Part 2! This time Toxie is threatened by the Apocalypse Incorporated who wants to destroy Tromaville, and The Toxic Avenger! Toxie makes his way to Japan to find his long lost father, Big Mac, and this is where the crazy adventures begin. Will The Toxic Avenger find his real father? Will his tromatrons be destroyed? And will his girlfriend Claire and the citizens of Tromaville be safe? Watch The Toxic Avenger Part 2 to find out!
    Rating - 2/5.

  • The Toxic Avenger

    The Toxic Avenger


    In Lloyd Kaufman's words - "Welcome to Tromaville!" Poor Melvin always cops the jokes from the jocks and babes at his school. One day, they play a particularly nasty joke on Melvin. He runs away in fright and crashes through a window landing in toxic radioactive waste stored in a vat on the back of a truck. Melvin is transformed into the Monster Hero The Toxic Avenger! Cue SFX only Troma could produce, corny one-liners, plenty of boob shots and…

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  • The Thing

    The Thing


    "The Thing", made in 1982 is arguably the best sci-fi/horror movie since the 1979 "Alien". Paranoia is the central theme, with the characters having no idea if they will mutate into The Thing! The Thing is the epitome of evil. Assimilating and infecting dogs and people into a DNA evolution of an alien who mimics the appearance of the person previously un-infected gives an unsettling sense of dread as you try to analyse the next person is who will evolve…

  • Beyond the Darkness

    Beyond the Darkness


    Joe D'Amato has hit the nail on the head with this Euro-sleaze flick. Ultra-violence, sex scenes, cannibalism, necrophilia and disturbing scenes ticks the boxes for classic Italian extreme horror.
    Brief synopsis - Frank, a taxidermist is controlled by the evil Iris in their house of horrors. Frank is in love with his dead girlfriend, and can't let her go, so he digs her up from her grave and does his taxidermy work on her. Unknown to Frank, Iris is after…