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  • GoodFellas
  • Avengers: Endgame
  • The Dark Knight
  • Bridesmaids

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  • Infinity Pool


Recent reviews

  • Death on the Nile

    Death on the Nile


    I enjoy a good murder mystery film, however I guessed who the murderer was before the crime even occurred. The diverse cast fit their roles well, but this is a one time watch for me. Once you know who dun it, there really isn't a need to watch again.

  • Deep Water

    Deep Water


    Deep Water is a story about a marriage that is extremely twisted. Ben Affleck plays a character that in my eyes is extremely pathetic while Ana de Armas is nothing but cold-hearted. The original concept is interesting, but becomes repetitive with no real conclusion. Definitely a one time watch.

Popular reviews

  • X



    X is a horror movie that I can't really explain! The opening sequence vibe feels very much like Texas Chainsaw, but then changes to something else completely. The kills are awesome and gory with solid performances from the entire cast. Brittany Snow was the standout for me. X is definitely not like anything else you've seen before!

  • Zack Snyder's Justice League

    Zack Snyder's Justice League


    Talk about worth the wait. Zack Snyder brings his epic vision to life. He proves how much the tone of a movie can change with music choices, extended scenes, and a tweaked script. The characters of The Flash and Cyborg are more defined and brought more into the core of the story. This is how every DC film should be made. Can Zack Snyder just direct all of them???