The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★★★½

"I never knew no godfather" - Frankie Pentageli (but also me after watching this and loving it so much more than the first, um the godfather who?)

there's so much to love about this I'm not even sure I want to truly delve into it. although it doesn't often happen, I think sequels have the potential to always be better than the first. i loved the contrast between Vito and Michael throughout and it didn't really make an impact on me until the very last scene on the flashback to Vito's birthday. it hadn't really clicked until I remembered Michael had enlisted in the army and for reasons I believe to be to get away from the family business. in the original Godfather we see how he unintentionally gets sucked in regardless of what he wants. now to get through to the final scene of part II we see just how deep Michael is into not only being a part of the family business, but becoming it entirely. sorry to ramble, but I'm surprised at how much I loved this and young Al Pacino can get it

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