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  • Dear Basketball

    Dear Basketball

    Nominated for the Oscar of Best Animated Short.
    The good: John Williams
    The bad: sportsball

    EDIT: I was just made aware that Kobe Bryant was charged with rape in 2003, and now he has an Oscar nom in the year of #MeToo.  Again, athletes are scum, and they get away with being scum because they're billionaire athletes.

    Therefore, F*** SPORTS!

  • Left Behind and the Translation of God

    Left Behind and the Translation of God


    I was raised, and still live, in the "Bible Belt" American south.  As such, I have only ever been taught rapture theology.  Not only was I unaware that it wasn't universally agreed-upon, but I was also unaware that it isn't even remotely common outside of my neck of the woods.  I was raised in the Southern Baptist church, with premillenial eschatology, Mosaic authorship, social conservativism, special salvation, et al.  This fascinating YouTube documentary movie would be seen as heresy by…