Enemy of the State ★★½

How do you know you’re watching a 90’s movie, specifically a spy thriller? You get a political conspiracy and the 1990’s all-stars. This time, we get the B team:

- Barry Pepper
- Jake Busey
- Scott Caan
- Jason Lee
- Jamie Kennedy
- Seth Green
- Tom Sizemore (he’s A team but he’s puffy here so he got sent to the minors)

This is just a shiny box of tropes. Little beeping tracking gadgets stuck on things, credit cards that were always reliable but now don’t work (because of fuckery), the Capitol in the background in case you’ve forgotten this involves politics, photos taken where your viewing screen is now the frame of the photograph along with the camera sound and brief still frame of the actors. It’s all fucking there. So put on a tin-foil hat, close the blinds and feel vindicated. Dale from King of the Hill was right all along.