The Thing ★★★★★

So, John Carpenter, I’m sorry I didn’t give this film more love and respect when it was released in 1982, but I was -2, so deal with it old man!

This might be my first horror film. I remember on a Sunday back in the ‘90’s, my dad told me I could pick out a movie to watch. There was a vast collection of VHS tapes to choose from. Do I make things awkward on the sabbath and pick Body of Evidence starring Madonna? Striptease maybe? How about Sorceress with Linda Blair and Julie Strain? No. I didn’t want Jesus looking down and shaking his majestic locks at me in despair. So I chose The Thing. My mom worried I would have nightmares but I was like “ay ma, I got this ova here.” Not really. Actually my dad said that I’d be fine, and you know what? Besides being socially awkward, liking animals more than people and constantly shaking my head at society, I am fine. You hear me Carpenter, I AM FINE!

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