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  • Selva. A Portrait of Parvaneh Navaï
  • The Devil
  • Scarlet Diva
  • Beware of a Holy Whore

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  • High Tension


  • Convergence


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  • Martyrs



    “will i ever be free of this?”

    been wanting to write about one of my favorite movies for the longest time soo bare with me lol 
    (there will be spoilers) 


    at the beginning of the film one of the doctors asks anna if she knows why she has been shown the tape about lucie 
    a question that is repeated (internally) for the entire runtime 
    why are we being shown this seemingly pointless violence and suffering? 

    though notably less typical…

  • Mysterious Skin

    Mysterious Skin


    yeah mom i’m doing great

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  • High Tension

    High Tension


    this is what people who hate martyrs think martyrs is 

    tbh i thought i would love this but it’s actually pretty lame and stupid 
    finally found a new french extremity movie (aside from irreversiblepoopytoilet) that i dislike

  • Convergence



    found this in my grandpas dvd collection and it’s so bad i’m happy i found it ❤️

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