High Life

High Life ★★★★½

“As I was reading books, learning about black holes, I found that there are probably huge black holes where you’re not condemned to death if you enter. Everybody knows that if you enter a black hole it is finished. There is no more, there is a limit. You can't go over it. But now, scientists believe that if it’s big, there is a possibility to enter and maybe reach, after the horizon of the black hole, a point where time and space are equal. It stops.” - Claire Denis

what a hauntingly beautiful experience this work of art is! i'm definitely going to be sitting with what i saw and giving this a rewatch asap because right now i'm so overwhelmed and in awe!!! denis out here reinventing sci-fi cinema with this one and i'm here for it!!! but like just a quick question.... how is that garden on the ship literally thriving?? in SPACE??!?! i can barely keep the plants on my windowsill alive teach me your ways horny space criminals!!!!!

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