Silent Night

Silent Night ★★★★

This is one of those movies that strikes home because we're all a little guilty of believing everything that's put on the internet. The boy, Art plays the cynic that refuses to take part in the grave festivities and I loved his performance in this movie. Kiera Knightly did well, but she always does and Matthew Goode held it together as the extremely handsome, devoted father. The conflict between friends and families is so...real. Honestly, the only thing that wasn't realistic was the fact that they all got to spend the holiday in that ridiculously nice house!

All in all, I imagine people are going to compare the characters to people who rushed to get vaccinated but as usual, that's vastly skewing the facts, circumstances, and the intent of the movie. If anything, everyone should strive to be like Art. Know the facts for yourself and make an educated decision about your own life.

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