• Apostle



    This was an intense tale of how far a brother will go to save his sister and how corrupt people become when given power unchecked, particularly when it comes to religious beliefs.

    Loved it from beginning to end!

  • Last Radio Call

    Last Radio Call


    It was not bad. I'm trying to put my finger on why I don't feel satisfied because I went into this with low expectations. It was at no point a waste of my time, but hmm... I think I want to blame whoever spliced this story together. Whether that's an editor or director, I'm not sure. The acting was alright. No one is going to win an emmy, but I didn't roll my eyes once. The story was alright...if it…

  • The Advent Calendar

    The Advent Calendar


    Fantastic storytelling with an antagonist I enjoyed. What would you do to recover something you've lost?

  • Fist of Jesus

    Fist of Jesus


    This...was so over the top that I loved it.

  • Risen



    While I think some people were harsher on this movie than they had to be, I think some of the scorn is earned. It was slow, and not in the way that suggests it was trying to be an artsy movie with 'feelings'. It was slow because we followed a character that was either 1. Supposed to be mundane as hell and look sick all the time. or 2. There were multiple mistakes starting with makeup, taking a stroll through…

  • Dark Was the Night

    Dark Was the Night


    This movie was one of the best movies I've seen this year and I'm sorry that I didn't see it when it came out in 2014! It was engaging. Kevin Durand did an amazing job conveying a grieving father and steadfast Sheriff for his small town. Extra points for the story and cinematography that had me scared for the town! Subtle, but powerful imagery made this step right out of the clutches of the B-Movie Beast and right into an 'A+ Damn good time!'

  • Antlers



    I've got to be honest, I'm surprised that this movie got such questionable reviews on Letterboxd. The movie did touch on a lot of subjects and didn't focus on any one and I think that put a lot of people off. But the fact is that in a town that had once lost its mining jobs, drug addiction and domestic abuse happen. All at once. Life doesn't really just pick one or two things and decide you've had enough.


  • Silent Night

    Silent Night


    This is one of those movies that strikes home because we're all a little guilty of believing everything that's put on the internet. The boy, Art plays the cynic that refuses to take part in the grave festivities and I loved his performance in this movie. Kiera Knightly did well, but she always does and Matthew Goode held it together as the extremely handsome, devoted father. The conflict between friends and families is so...real. Honestly, the only thing that wasn't…

  • A House on the Bayou

    A House on the Bayou


    What an amazing ride this movie was. Who would expect a man's infidelity would turn into a battle between heaven and hell? Visited by the Bayou's very own Grandpappy and Boy Justice, Issac, shit gets real and it leaves you wondering just how would you be judged if you visited the House on the Bayou?

  • Let Us In

    Let Us In


    Yeah, I don't know how to explain how and why I enjoyed this movie. It turned out to be pretty low-risk, but it started out creepy. I know that some black-eyed, hoodie-wearing kids aren't that scary but to the kids being hunted, it was scary and believable. Not to mention, the fun chemistry between the two main kids was fun. I would rate this as a family-friendly scifi/horror and I enjoyed it from start to finish.
    Solid 4 stars!

  • Motherly



    Had a great time! I suspected the twist 2/3 in, but they made the alternatives so believable that I wasn't sure until the end! Had a great time!

  • Night at the Eagle Inn

    Night at the Eagle Inn


    Frankly, I'm surprised that there are so many haters for this film. I enjoyed it a lot and let me tell you why.

    The actors were fun with goofy chemistry, which is good because it wasn't meant to be a slasher film. The twins (Fraternal means that they aren't identical, by the way...to the reviewer who seemed to be confused by what this meant.) were extremely quirky but that led to the charm! The innkeeper was very Jack Nicholson "Here's…