The Shape of Water ★★★

There's no adequate explanation of why western directors keep hiring actors who barely speak Russian when there are so many Russian speaking actors in Hollywood. It's sick. It's not Stranger Things that use cliches from movies of the 90s to convey the mood. There are only two right ways to do it — you either find a Russian speaking guy or you do not have to use the Russian language in your movie at all (that's what they did in Chernobyl by the way).

Also, I can take a girl masturbating in a bath, I can take a psycho fucking his wife thinking about a mute, but wtf with those fingers? It's disgusting. It was not necessary. It did not help to develop a character at all. So, why was it there?

The Amelie movie set in the Hellboy world that could be 5/5 but is not.