Parasite ★★★★½

If I had all this money I’d be nice too.

with the exception of his directorial debut, all of Bong Joon-ho’s feature films work to tackle class, in different ways.
sometimes (Snowpiercer, Okja and The Host)  through fantasy, and sometimes (Memories of Murder, Mother and here) through a kind of crude hyperrealism. 
Bong’s work can surely be examined through various lenses but this is the most interesting one in my opinion. even though it is everpresent in his work sometimes discussion around class divide takes a backseat to a greater plot. this time that is the greater plot.
and not in the way it is in Snowpiercer. you cant dismiss Parasite and the world it presents as dystopian or ‘if we keep going down this path...’ because we’re already here.
its heartbreaking, funny, intense. and well deserving of the praise its been getting. Song Kang-ho is the actor of the century in my eyes but his co-stars get just as much time to shine. Im thrilled this is is the movie that will win Bong and then South Korea as a whole its first Oscar for Best Foreign Film. what? I believe in speaking things into existence..

TL;DR:  a wonder uncomparable to anything that has come out this year except for Us, with which it ironically has a great deal in common.
if we could somehow get Peele and Bong in the same room discussing their films then maybe the award season circus would be tolerable this year.

Feb 2020 edit: I cant believe...

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