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  • Tomb Raider

    Tomb Raider


    There is a surprising deft of hand to this actioner, mainly because of some skillfully orchestrated action-scenes and Alica Vikander's boots-on--the ground performance of the classic heroine. It's a breath of fresh air, fairly slight and mannered, but knowingly so. It's unfortunate that hopes for a sequel were already dashed before this film opened, because with a tighter, more surprising screenplay this could have established an interesting franchise.

  • Deadpool 2

    Deadpool 2


    Deadpool gets another go-round in a sequel that doubles down on the excruciating -look what I dare to poke fun at jokes. The issue is that these quick quips and pop-culture laden in-jokes don't work but seem a desperate attempt of screenwriters to stay remotely relevant in a pop-culture lanscape dictated by spandex and superhero-teamup. The jokes are crass and bland, layered upon a wafer-thin story in disparate manner. I did chuckle a couple of times but more often than not I rolled my eyes at the way how the filmmakers are taking the well-worn 'If it ain't broke'-adage to exhausting heights.

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  • Strangers on a Train

    Strangers on a Train


    You'll be in the grip of Love's strangest trip.

    Hitchcock always takes a devilish glee in pitting two men against one another, but his style has rarely been as effective as with this taut, edge of your seat thriller. All the Hitckcockian traits are there : the Wrong-Man-at-the-wrong-time motive, the doppelgänger-obsession (channelled through Hitch's daughter Pat Hitchcock's performance as Barbara) and an array of dazzling and masterfully planned shots (The ferris ride-finale is magnificent). Strangers on a Train is a…

  • The Iron Giant

    The Iron Giant


    While Pixar once took the reigns of smart, all four quadrant-orientated animated story-telling, current animation seems to miss the spark that's both igniting and fueling my childlike imagination. Watching The Iron Giant (for the first time, *bashfully ashamed*) reminds me that once there was an era, an era that wasn't dictated by pixelated worlds, humdrum storytelling and flimsy characters. An era that seems to be a forlorn past in the light of current affairs (Turbo, Epic, The Croods and another…