Possessor ★★★★

Hot damn, where do i even start, this film was probably the most unsettling and visceral experience of this year so far, it had me pretty tense at times and had me constantly thinking what the hell what's all of this going to lead the story to. I think its fair to point out what an inmense influence David Cronenberg had on his son, but i think its a pretty unique film even if there are some influences of his father's work. The soundtrack was pretty fitting for the overall tense ambience the movie had through all the runtime and i can't find enough positive words to remark how amazing the work of Karim Hussain was on the cinematography, truly beautiful and exquisite. The lead performances were perfect for their roles and truly lead the movie through uncomfortable places. Probably my favourite movie of the year so far. My hat is off to you Brandon, truly looking forward for your next work.

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