Cabaret ★★★★

Film Club Reboot
Recommended by Eliana

Bob Fosse is a force to be reckoned with. Imagery of Nazi propaganda and musical numbers are blended into a interesting take on WW2 history and bisexuality.

In a lot of academia, this is the most transgressive take on bisexuality. The relationship between Brian Roberts, Sally Bowles, and Maximilian von Heune is all truly apparent. A love triangle that is with fascist setbacks. Liza Minnelli is in fact the most gayest Oscar winner in film history.

The film is not shot like a musical. It's more of a biographical film with musical "elements". It's hard to describe but it seems to be Fosse's forte. All That Jazz has the same biographical/musical elements as Cabaret. Therefore, going into this film blindly is an understatement. Musicals that are shot against the "musical norms" should be normalized.

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