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This review may contain spoilers.

The film itself is structured into three roman numerals.

I. Cassie's old friend brushes off and barley remembers about Nina's rape. She brushes off as like all women want these advances and that it normal that it this stuff happens. "You just have to be a woman". A Hypothetical...
II. This one is about how the education system brushes off rape allegations and the dean barley remembers the event because of how it would've ruined the rapist's chance of being something in life.
III. The lawyer revenge scene is extremely metaphorical because, the lawyer express guilt from ruining Nina's life. Rape cases in our society can be emotionally taxing for the victim.

IIII. The final act is all up to interpretation. The ending the studio wanted was for Cassie to follow through with pulling the scapel out and cutting the rapist dick off. But instead, they kept the death scene. Cassie's death scene is icing on the cake. She wasn't meant to die. But, her motive was to cause accountability of Nina's life.

I think my interpretation was that you'll never get your way or there really isn't any idea of winning against someone who raped you. Sure you'll get justice. But, the pain and suffering will still exist in Cassie's mind and everyone who was involved.

That is why Bo Burnham's character motivation was purely to get into Cassie's skin. Maybe he did have a change of heart. The first date scene indicates that he's probably the same "nice guy" Cassie has been "hooking up" for awhile.

But you never know. Cassie's character is in fact hard to get into. The first watch can be frustrating to watch but, there's a lot of signals and clues left scattered throughout.

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