Spider-Man ★★★★

Spider-Man: That’s a cute outfit. Did your husband give it to you?
Bonesaw: Actually, yes, he did, Spider-Man. I originally became a wrestler because I thought acting like a macho man would help me mask my true feelings, until I realized by doing so I was denying my true self and until I accepted who I was, I would never live my life to its fullest. Seven months later I met the most wonderful man, and we got engaged after dating for four years. He made me this outfit for 5th anniversary and I've cherished it ever since. When he died of a heart attack last fall, this became my most prized possession. So I would appreciate it if you were more considerate of the feelings of others.

With this speech, Peter would’ve been paid the full amount for 3 mins and maybe stopped the robber that killed Uncle Ben.

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