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This review may contain spoilers.

This movie really struck a chord with me. I dont know whether it was the theme or the fantastic filmmaking style that pushed boundaries but it got to me in a way no other movie has. And I was excited, i was so fucking excited to see something on the big screen that matched almost exactly the type of movie i want to make some day. This film created a character so immersed in an ideal of being different unique and outrageous that her actions striving for attention escalated quickly. There was no backstory or traumatic childhood events, you were presented with this character and you just went along with it. I walked into this film after reading the blurb about a girl enamored with social media after her robbery video gains a following and I was like ughhh snooze just another social media psa but we wanted to go cause the stills looked amazing and we were curious.
This film was not about the pressures of social media and the isolation that results from social media, it was about the lengths people will go to in order to test people’s vulnerability and the loneliness that Kiya felt. Whenever she recorded something to post, she never egged them on, she just pointed a camera at them and recorded their reaction. It’s a statement about Kiya fighting against her own vulnerability by exploiting others. Her strive for a genuine connection.