Gemini Man ★★½


Even though Gemini Man isn't a good film, there's no denying it's technical brilliance. The hyper-realistic and the high frames per second make the action immersive, white-knuckled, and far more brutal than a typical PG-13 blockbuster. Every bullet fired, and every punch landed is felt, and it makes for an edge of your seat experience. Bash on 3D all you want, Ang Lee knew what he was doing. But the script is borderline atrocious, with the dialogue feeling like it was written by a teenage girl that just went through a breakup. Side characters are annoying inconveniences that completely take you out of the film, there are severe pacing issues, but what's most frustrating is that Gemini Man doesn't know what kind of movie it wants to be. It's trying it's best to be game-changing in the action genre while also being a profound reflection on themes about mortality, but at the same time, it also wants to be riddled with genre cliches and forced humor that ruins its very uniqueness.

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