Parasite ★★★★

what kind of plan never fails?

Takes a little to get used to its flow, but once it kicks into high gear (during *THAT* scene), it never stops being enthralling. However, for as enthralling it is, it's also severely overrated. Parasite is not a masterpiece, and it is clearly not one of the best of the decade. I have no question that Bong Joon Ho is a master of his craft; he simultaneously weaves several genres, which is what makes Parasite such a compelling watch. Is it a comedy? Because it sure is funny. Is it a thriller? Because it sure is nail-biting. Or is it a tragedy? Because it sure is depressing. But on the flip side, it's extraordinarily sluggish during the beginning and takes around a solid hour to settle into it's pacing. And the acclaimed social commentary that Bong has intertwined in is never really profound till the final act. The analysis of social class is there throughout, but until Bong Joon Ho makes his point clear during the last fifteen minutes, then everything goes over the head. Though, a simple rewatch could change that.

I can nitpick and talk about how my personal film preferences don't match well with Parasite at times, but there's no denying the brilliance behind it or, more importantly, Bong Joon Ho. Because whatever Parasite is, it's pretty damn good.

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