Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★★

We become who we need ourselves to be.

This film really could be about anything.
 <Insert malady here>
We see ourselves in Ruben repeatedly over and over again. Scene after scene. Beat after Beat. This film isn’t about deafness, it’s about empathy. Quite frankly it may be the most empathetic film I’ve ever seen. 

Sometimes you wish you could make others feel what it’s like to walk into a room full of people ...and then just walk right out so you don’t have to have anyone look at you (Social Anxiety).

Sometimes you wish you could switch brains with someone and they could feel what it’s like for you to just want to numb something into non-existence every time your problems become overwhelming (Addiction).

Sometimes you just want someone else to understand that every time you don’t eat something spicy you are not a pussy - you just don’t want to deal with the irritation that goes on in your chest region (Heartburn)...and then in turn you yourself can’t jump into the other person’s mind and understand their need to bite into something that is so hot they can’t even taste it (Machismo).

Sometimes you get old and you can’t hear jack shit (Old Age). Sometimes you can remember shit from 30 years ago better than you can something from 3 minutes ago (Old Age, Part Deux).

Sometimes you cut yourself (Self-Harm). Sometimes you cut yourself down (Crisis of Confidence). Sometimes you want to buy a $300 football card (Mid-Life Crisis). Sometimes you weep for no reason whatsoever (Depression). Sometimes you do it for fun (Plague of Cyndi Lauper). 

Sometimes you just leave in order to see how long it takes before someone notices you’re gone (Irish Goodbye). Sometimes you just want to break everything in sight (Fred Durst Disorder). Sometimes you meet a fellow with kind eyes who just wants to help you, but you fuck him over (Daddy Issues).

Sometimes you see a film and it makes you want to know people better (Human Condition).

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