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pixar cars facts daily


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  • Super Mario Bros.

    Super Mario Bros.

    02-21-2021: Less movie watching as of late. I've been watching epic gaming videos to fall asleep lately. I do not play video games often. I am not a nerd. Opening the comments on this one.

    05-07-2021: Yep I'm back to movie watching now. Not "Super Mario Bros.: The Movie" however, because it is not out. One day.

    Gonna say that Matrix Revolutions is the weakest of the three but still is so good. What a good movie. The entire Matrix…

  • Ratatoing


    Everytime I have intercourse I HAVE to watch ratatoing.

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  • Blow Job

    Blow Job

    I did a presentation on Andy Warhol in school today. In a section devoted to his films and short films I mentioned a few of his most well known. Starting of course with Chelsea Girls, then Lonesome Cowboys, Sleep, Empire, and ending with Blow Job. I phrased it in the most professional way I could:

    "He also did a 35 minute short film on oral sex"

    This was considered very amusing by the class, but I stayed stone cold and…

  • Hubie Halloween

    Hubie Halloween

    Janet at the library has not been herself lately

    Sins of the past repeat themselves. A town built on the pain of the idiosyncratic; destined to continue the cycle even in the face of true horror.

    edit: hubert scoobert doobert poobert schllllooorrrrrrrbert