The Babadook ★★★★

Oof and also ooh. Totally works, and reminds me of Sean Stewart's PERFECT CIRCLE, an eminently filmable horror novel also about domestic distress. Much as I love the dearly departed DISSOLVE crew, their position was that this falls apart at the end, overexplaining the psychology and dotting one i too many. I guess I see that, but I think (spoiler) that Essie Davis's domestication of the pissed-off ghost of her prematurely killed husband/co-parent is a hugely big-balls move, not a capitulation but a fresh slap of WTF that's true to the spirit of this intricately composed, snappily cut and immaculately performed two-hander. Surely writer/director Jennifer Kent is a mother? Because BABADOOK (dook, dook) has the whiff of authenticity that comes from someone who knows of what she speaks.