Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★★★

When I saw the embargo still wasn't lifted this time yesterday and the reviews that were posted on here were just unanimously trashing the film anyway, I braced for the worst

It's not that bad. It's not even bad! It's just...okay?

I'm completely here for the feminist message, I'm completely here for powerful women kicking ass and standing tall at the end because they're capable of doing anything they want. I just wish it'd went a bit more into that than it did here

I hate to pull that card of "PG-13 horror" because honestly, I know good examples of those can and do exist. But it's hard to not watch the 2019 Black Christmas reboot all the way through to conclusion and not come away thinking it could have been better if they got to do more, got to show more. Most of the violence cuts away before you can really see anything, and that produces some very effective scares. But particularly in the case of the (unnecessarily slow motion for half of it) climactic battle, refusing to cut away and deciding to show more would have only helped, and I believe it could have worked even with the budget they were clearly on at times

This had some great potential and I wish they got to experiment more, even if they were still adamant on this getting the desired PG MPAA rating. I'd say "I hope they at least get to experiment more in a sequel", but considering the reviews, and considering I saw this in an otherwise-empty theater, I don't think that's likely either. I'm glad Sophia Takal got to make the film she wanted to make though, I did enjoy it enough that I'm getting the DVD/BluRay when it comes out (I own the other two Black Christmas films anyway, why not complete the collection if nothing else), and I'm looking forward to whatever Imogen Poots does next because I was impressed with her starring performance here

Also I liked feeling like a genius when Cary Elwes popped on the screen with his smirk that first time and I was just like "oh he's gonna be a complete asshole in this one"

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