The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club ★★★★½

Me: FINALLY watches The Breakfast Club (1985), also me: ah, so this is what perfect writing is…

What starts off as a playfully enjoyable, not too unique take on teen angst steadily evolves into something deeper than I ever could have imagined at the beginning. I saw this film almost as an experiment, bringing these five completely different teenagers, and keeping them enclosed in a room, forcing the social part of their minds to talk to no one but these strangers they barely know. Everybody’s personality is flawlessly set up to hilarious effect but laughs soon turn to tears as the layers upon these characters start to come down right before the audience's eyes. Shields of pride are ripped to shreds as this group of kids forms an unlikely bond that would have never been convincing in the hands of a lesser writer. The camerawork is simple, grounded, nothing crazy is done with the cinematography or score, and similar to films such as 12 Angry Men, this is a hardcore character study, and as the minutes went by, I only became more and more invested. Judd Nelson gives a performance for the ages, and in my opinion, was the strongest actor, though everybody else was absolutely fantastic as well. The emotional changes these young actors went through are mesmerizing and immaculately done from a writing and acting standpoint. Eventually, it all builds up to what may become another fav ending for me, I legitimately pumped my fist in the air at the end, that speech, wow.


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