Good Time

Good Time ★★★★½

Watching this again in anticipation of Uncut Gems. Upon a second viewing the pace really stands out in this movie. It goes, quick. There’s not time for much character development but that doesn’t take from Pattinson’s performance. It’s easy to botch “street smarts” and Pattinson who usually seems like he wouldn’t steal a snickers bar plays a career criminal very convincingly.  From big to small details he sells his character’s slimyness. 

Good Time is great at sensory overload. Mistaken identity, criminal thinking, bright jarring colors, an experimental score by OPN. The next thing is happening before you can process what just happened. 

The film is incredibly stylish. I watch movies I can’t even remember the next day constantly. Good Time has at least 10 shots I can pick out right now they are fantastic. From Pattinson in the back of the police car, a close up of Nick, the brothers running from the police, the neon bail bondsman’s office. 

I have fallen out of the habit of rewatching movies the last few years. Good Time presents a great case for giving it multiple views. Had it come out in the early 2000s it would’ve been one of those movies you “have to” watch when it’s  on tv.  It demands your attention with its eye catching colors and big score.