Attack the Block

Attack the Block ★★★★★

Attack the Block was one of my favorite movies of 2011, and I'm happy to report that I still think its great. Its a movie that seems made just for me. There is some great genre bending between British gangster and alien invasion flicks that I just ate up. Add in a cast of characters that are as despicable as these, and the fact that you turn around and end up rooting for them is impressive.

I mean, these are some sick teens that do terrible things and are not good people. But by the end, there is no way you are not rooting for Moses and the rest (and by that I mean what is left) of the crew. Which leads me to one of my favorite aspects of Attack the Block: (slight SPOILERS) Not everyone is making it out of this movie alive. (end slight SPOILERS) It is refreshing to me that a movie doesn't go for the happiest ending possible.

I just have such a great time every time I see this. Attack the Block has good action, is funny, shows off some great, practical monsters, and doesn't get all schmaltzy at the end. I don't think its a movie for everyone, as a few people I've enthusiastically recommended it two have really disliked it, but it works on every level for me.

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