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  • Retribution



    unconsidered lives are more susceptible to the whims of vengeful spirits. retribution moves like a spiritual sequel to cure, retreading the grounds of supernatural noir and pulling cues of parasocial loneliness from pulse to enhance the poignancy of this character study. mirrors, puddles of rippling saltwater, earth tremors and amnesiac spells - k.kurosawa's strength lies in establishing atmosphere and building on previously explored themes in a refreshing way. for him ghosts may only provide illusions of solace or bounce our worst intrusive thoughts into fruition.

  • Q



    a cowardly getaway driver plagued by evil dreams and recidivism gets his big break abandoning a heist for the rooftop of the chrysler building. what he finds is a giant winged serpent, its egg and a den of human carcasses, ostensibly summoned through a string of sacrificial murders to quetzalcoatl - a mesoamerican deity. with the newfound leverage of knowing the monster's location, jimmy (played by michael moriarty) begins holding this information above the police state that has wronged him.…

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  • Under the Skin

    Under the Skin


    why aliens always tryna be on some human shit life here sucks

  • Legendary Weapons of China

    Legendary Weapons of China


    goofy as hell - voodoo doll possession abound. the fight choreography/pyrotechnic work is especially spectacular; i think my favorite scene involves an attic fight between the male lead and actress kara hui wherein the two begin mimicking the sounds of a cat and mouse to deceive a hotel guest (gordon liu) staying below. i wish the notion of firearm invulnerability and the relationship between the three main characters amounted to something grander, but this was definitely an entertaining watch