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This review will be different from my other reviews I’ve done. trying to start this review out is really hard to how I want to start it because I’m in awe over this movie.  

I’m 20 years old growing up as a kid I grew up on Elvis because of my parents. Elvis is a hero to me, I find his story a tragic story. A person like Elvis dying at the age of 42 breaks my heart.

Going in to see Baz Luhrmanns Elvis I was excited, I had the biggest smile on my face but I also had butterflies in my stomach. Once I sat down I didn’t look back.

Baz Luhrmann's Elvis is PHENOMENAL. As soon the opening scene played out I was already on board.

I knew loads about Elvis already and I also knew loads about Colonel Tom Parker (Elvis Manager).

The film is mostly a story between Elvis and Tom Parker’s relationship. Elvis played by Austin Butler is phenomenal, he delivers a Oscar worthy performance. Tom Hanks is great as Tom Parker. I loved Luke Bracey as Jerry Schilling, brilliant role he had. 

The cinematography was gorgeous, the editing was awesome. The script was magnificent. Elliott Wheelers score was stunning.

Watching Austin Butler was like watching the real Elvis.

The ending was very emotional which I cried. The segments was amazing. But the scenes with drama hit differently it was just heartbreaking to watch at times especially the emotional scenes.

Overall Elvis is a brilliant love letter to the King of Rock n Roll. 
I’ll be seeing it again on Sunday. My review on Sunday will have spoilers in it.


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