Chinatown ★★★★

I just ran a marathon.

As it began, I was optimistic. I heard this sort of thing is great and that I had to experience it at least once in my life. Sure enough, I saw some beautiful sights, knew I would benefit from it in many ways, Jack Nicholson was even there. As this endeavor moved on, I couldn’t help but keep thinking to myself -

I still have how much left to go???

And it dragged on... and on... and ON.

I knew this was still good for me and was enjoying to an extent as it took me through some fantastic landscapes here and there, but I couldn’t help but realize an hour in that I still had 18 miles to go while also wondering where in the world this was going to take me.

Sure enough, within the last quarter of this marathon, my runners high kicked in and I was off! This final stretch felt like nothing. During the moments before I crossed the finish line, the dots connected and I realized how special this experience was, front to back. I’m very happy I did it and would maybe have another go around some time.

Great watch.