Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★★

What a massive improvement over its predecessor! Halloween Kills delivers greatly on its title. While the first in this trilogy is busy revisiting many plot points from the original to set up the second half of the movie, Kills isn’t bogged down with any of that. This film starts and it rarely takes a minute to breathe. I will say, some of the dialogue is pretty bad (shocker), there’s a needless subplot with one of the patients that escaped the bus with Michael in the first movie, and at the end there are a couple of strange monologues that just don’t belong in this type of movie. I really don’t care though, you don’t go to these types of movies for the story or dialogue, you go for the ride.
Where the first movie was like the most fun ride at a boring educational theme park, Halloween Kills is an unlicensed shitty rollercoaster that some rednecks built in their back yard. You might die on it, you’re not really sure why some decisions were made in the building of it, but man it kicks ass.

Probably my favorite Halloween since the original, and while that’s not much to say considering this is a pretty lame series (save for the first 3 and ‘18), this one was great.

Also, super pumped hearing the Little Rock name drop. Always appreciated!!!

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