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  • Chronicle of a Disappearance
  • plant portals: breath
  • The Orator
  • Prince: Sign o' the Times

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  • Jewelle: A Just Vision

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  • Jewelle: A Just Vision

    Jewelle: A Just Vision

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Jewelle Gomez’ rich work and life can’t possibly fit within one standard documentary, but as director Madeleine Lim says at the QWCFF post screening Q&A, it’s important to give Gomez her flowers while she is here (it says a lot that she received her “breakthrough” at age ~70). 

    Lim intentionally wanted to depict older lesbian women being intimate with each other, which led to my favorite scenes of the film--staging Jewelle and her spouse Diane Sabine naked in bed together, as…

  • Bath Bomb

    Bath Bomb

    Emiko: You know, this isn't really necessary.
    Neha: [sarcastically] Oh, the audacity! How dare someone do something sweet for you when you're clearly a top.

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  • The Actress

    The Actress

    just going to say it before someone else does: we are living in the Isabel Sandoval multiverse (and Marlene Dietrich!Actress has my heart)

    I can tell I’m not a film or film school person because I recognized less than half of the homages and thought the Tree of Life scene was referencing Minari 💀 I really loved the costume and production design though.

    Has me itching for a rewatch marathon of director Sandoval’s films

    (thank you MUBI free trial I have been waiting for months to watch this)

  • Fire Island

    Fire Island

    Finished this and was like “who wrote this??” Oooh. Explains everything about this film. Happy Pride /negative

    Threw me back to my How to Get Away with Murder days, I love Conrad Ricamora and he’s very good at acting awkward and stuck up 

    Of all things this movie made me feel better about my east asian large-pored skin texture lmfao. And to Andrew Ahn’s credit, I think this would have been a lot worse of a movie without his direction.…