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  • The Book of Henry

    The Book of Henry


    Don't let the critics scare you, this movie deserves a shot. Brilliant in its own way though there are some jarring tonal inconsistencies. Still had me crying and gasping at all the right parts.

    Edit: Also, don't watch the trailer before you see it.

  • Let Us Be Gay

    Let Us Be Gay


    The plot has much to be desired and the ending is trite and rushed, but oh how fun it is to watch Norma Shearer go. Rod la Rocque is stale, but she is wonderful. I feel like all of the men fawning over her at Bouccy's. I just wish the print quality was better, but obviously this film is not a high candidate for restoration. The pre-code innuendo is fun to watch though. And Marie Dressler is a delight as always ("Liars the both of you! I'm eccentric and you know it!").

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  • The Unknown

    The Unknown


    This bizarre film was thought to be lost forever, until it turned up in France in the late sixties. I'm glad it did turn up because it's a great piece of film history, and very entertaining to watch. Lon Chaney is so fantastic in this he actually manages to gain my sympathy even though Alonzo is a creepy, murderous maniac. Joan Crawford said that she learned how to act by working with Chaney in this film. The film is masterfully…

  • Play It Again, Sam

    Play It Again, Sam


    I'm sure someday I'll be hallucinating old movie stars too. Probably Ingrid though, not Bogie, or maybe Dooley Wilson, Sam was always my favorite anyway.