The First Monday in May ★★★

Random thoughts whilst watching The First Monday in May:

- Whether I continue to work in them or not, I will always be a cheerleader for (all) museums. They are my happy place.

- Andrew Bolton did an amazing job, having Anna Wintour eyeballing your every move can not be fun.

- Whitesplaining gone wild. There was a scene where Anna and Andrew and various other non-Asian (read: white) people were discussing Chinese art that made me wonder how many Chinese people were involved in the curatorial direction of the exhibition and event. I think Anna, or Baz perhaps, described something as 'Chinese-y' and it just made me cringe.

- I could never work for Anna Wintour, she would make me cry on a daily basis.

- Anna Wintour making backhanded comments about celebrities is my favourite thing ever.

- Anna Wintour trashing the ideas of every one who works for her (and some who don't) is my second favourite thing.

- More films following Anna being mean to people please, or maybe a short film of Anna rearranging celebrity seating charts.

- Don't like Baz Luhrman.

- Still don't like Justin Beiber. I like that the filmmakers took a few seconds to Point out that he is in fact a little shit.

- Three of my four favourite designers were featured heavily, and I appreciated that (Galliano, McQueen and Gaultier).

- Stella McCartney dancing to Rihanna looked uncomfortable for everyone involved.

- Can someone give Andre Leon Talley a talk show where he just yells at celebrities from a distance.

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