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  • Cellular



    This might have played better if I'd originally seen it in 2004, when the notion of a phone taking a video was a new and novel thing. But man, does it ever feel silly now.

    I'm also still not sure what the bad guys were trying to get from Kim Basinger's husband.

  • Green Book

    Green Book


    I was rolling along with this until we reached THAT SCENE, where a character stops dead in his tracks to deliver a speech that explains all the (already very obvious) themes of the movie. The lead actors are both really good, so it's a watchable movie all the same, but yeeesh. Even Driving Miss Daisy had more subtlety.

    P.S. Linda Cardellini should probably get more lead roles, not more "wife on the phone" stuff, though she is real good at that too.

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  • Justice League

    Justice League


    This movie isn't actually good, but it's still probably the second best of the DC Universe movies because it's at least marginally competent at storytelling. Yes, the villain is blah, the plot is literally about collecting three boxes, and there are too many new characters to keep track of, but at least you generally know what is happening and why. The heroes are kind of funny and endearing at least some of the time.

    The biggest problem has nothing to…

  • Action Jackson

    Action Jackson


    As a regular movie? One and a half stars.

    As a How Did This Get Made entry? FIVE STARS.