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  • Teen Witch

    Teen Witch


    Adding this week's How Did This Get Made entry:

    I'd actually seen this before at a Midnight Movie event about 10 years ago. Why did I see it? Because apparently (totally unbeknownst to me) women of my generation have all seen this movie and were completely obsessed with it as pre-teens. My then-girlfriend (now wife) wanted to go see it, and my sister and best friend's girlfriend were also more than game, because they all knew this movie (which I'd…

  • Creed



    At my first viewing I found this a good-but-not-great sports movie, one that hit a lot of familiar beats but did them well. At a second viewing (so the wife could see it), something about it REALLY improved and now it's edging closer to great. Perhaps having seen it once through and knowing what the themes are allowed me to focus on Coogler's technique, which looks much more impressive upon second glance -- not just the superlative fight scenes (including…

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  • Linda Linda Linda

    Linda Linda Linda


    A fantastic little story about teenage girls who try to learn a few rock songs in advance of a school festival. It doesn't sound like much on paper, but it is beautifully executed on screen: characters who are quirky and unique but have depth, an unobtrusive and bare-bones filmmaking style that nevertheless seems to always find director Yamashita picking the right shot, and fantastic music. Listen to the title track as performed by the film's actresses and as performed by…

  • Spectre



    I note with some irony that a Bond film called Spectre, after a bang-up job in the opening hour, begins to fall apart only after Bond finally reaches Spectre's headquarters. What had been a solid globe-trotting adventure becomes a turgid morass of confused villain motivations and subplots that have little to do with one another. Lea Seydoux is a charming Bond Girl, but the film later tries to saddle her with "love of Bond's life" gravitas, but without the proper…