Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name β˜…β˜…

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I feel so bitter for not liking this but absolutely nothing clicked with me. I waited so long to watch this and was very excited to finally see it! The piano selections(which ended up being my favorite part) were absolutely beautiful, especially the piece used for the opening credit sequence and the one by RavelπŸ’ž, and I really thought for the first 15 minutes or so I would be as mesmerized by this film as much as everyone else, but then... nothing happened. I mean, the film happened, but I just felt nothing. It seemed like all style and no substance. It felt pretentious. Not to mention it was just... so long too. I wanted to be sad too! I wanted to be affected towards the end but just... nothing :( I shed a single tear as Elio drove with his mother but that was about it. I wish I could have loved this movie. Everything in it appeals so much to me, but yeah. no. I'm disappointed but I'm glad that this movie meant a lot to other people.

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