2001: A Space Odyssey

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This review may contain spoilers.

Happy Birthday, HAL!

Started watching at 11AM Saturday morning after lots of coffee and a filling breakfast. Ready to do this! This will be my second watch and I'm excited to experience it again.

Thoughts during the opening sequence
Best opening to a film ever.
Hell yeah mother nature! You're pretty.

Thoughts during the "dawn of man" sequence.
This sequence is about curiosity and how that led to the discovery of weapons. When he picks up that bone and that triumphant music is playing… holy shit, is that exhilarating!
Humanity progresses through war and conflict. We still haven't grown out of this yet.
Then they see the monolith and it's unlike anything they've seen or been able to imagine. For the first time, they have to consider there's something beyond what they previously thought to be true.

But really it's just about aliens fucking with us.

Thoughts during the human stuff
The sets look absolutely fantastic.
I'd love to sit in one of those chairs.
I don't think I'd walk like that in zero gravity with "grip shoes"
That food looks disgusting.
Why does everyone seem so calm? If I was hanging out in outerspace I'd be super excited.
Everyone should've known HAL would turn on them eventually. He's the most human character in this entire film! He has a very soothing voice.
The silent parts are some of the most terrifying scenes I've ever experienced.
This is probably just about how stupid/weak/powerless humans are. Why does Kubrick hate us so much?

Thoughts during space/time travel sequence
How did he do that?
Aliens fucking with us some more. Those smart bastards.

End of film

*brain explodes*

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