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Film #41 of the June Challenge

I'm going to write a spoiler-filled review of this after I rewatch it, but until then, I'll just put down some of my impressions of this film and the trilogy. Before Midnight hit me really hard, much harder that the first two films. It drags you down into the dirt and digs deep into the ugliest of relationship dynamics, while also preserving the idea that true love could actually exist. It isn't just Jesse and Celine this time, giving this film a much different feel than the other two. I feel a lot of influence of Julie Delpy's directorial efforts at play here. If you haven't seen any of the films yet, you're missing out on the most interesting examination of love and relationships at different points in life through the perspective of two complete originals.

I’ve been a fan of the series for so long it feels like Jesse and Celine are real people in my life! They are so important to me! I don’t even think of them as fictional characters. To me, they are as real as my closest friends – flawed, wonderful, sometimes aggravating people I want to talk to for hours. To see them 9 years after the stunning ending of the second film, struggling to deal with life and love… man. It leveled me. The Jesses and Celines of the world are rare, but the love they share certainly isn't. Their story will endure and these films will be prized as some of the most important in history. If this is the end of their story, it ended perfectly. If we are blessed with another film in 9 years, it'll be perfect. I really wish I had a time machine right now.

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