Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool ★★★★

Film #37 of the June Challenge

The stunning Charlotte Rampling brings to life a fascinating character named Sarah Morton in the enigmatic and seductive Swimming Pool. Sarah is a middle-aged woman who has found success writing a series of popular crime novels. When she admits to her publisher that she'd like to do something different but is growing tired, he suggests that she spends time writing in his French villa. As she settles into her temporary home and enjoys visiting the nearby village, she is shocked to find out her publisher's teenage daughter Julie also plans to stay there. Julie is an extremely sexually active girl with a dark vibe and a troubled past. Sarah is wrapped up in her young roommate's world and finds herself experiencing a sort of sexual awakening. Don't get it twisted though - there is nothing romantic about this film. Even though it's seductive, I found it to be frightening and depressing.

I went back and forth about whether or not to talk about what makes this film so special. I decided to just keep my mouth shut. If you start watching the film and aren't into it, the ending isn't likely to make an impact on you anyway. All I'll say is that I was lukewarm on the film until the last three minutes or so.

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