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  • Sunset Boulevard
  • Twin Peaks: The Return

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  • Elvis



    I cannot believe I turned 30 watching Baz Luhrmann's Elvis. This thing was looooooooong and in my opinion it fizzled out when he got drafted. Then they basically skipped all of the 60's and settled into the standard biopic format. Frustrating. I thought the sound design and the way the music was handled was really cool. The movie was occasionally really good! It would have been a solid 3 and a half stars if they knocked like 40 minutes off the runtime. Tom Hanks was and is bad.

  • Flux Gourmet

    Flux Gourmet


    A troupe of food-based noise musicians (sonic caterers) struggle to work with each other while at a residency run by a knock-off Moira Rose. This is one of those situations where the movie is as good as that synopsis sounds to you. It's funny and gorgeous, working with serious themes in a very silly way. I'd probably compare it to In Fabric over any of Strickland's other films but this one's a little better constructed. I couldn't stop thinking about how much the kid from Hugo grew up to look like Bud Cort.

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  • The Last Picture Show

    The Last Picture Show


    A handful of horny teenagers bounce around a dying Texas town like pinballs, smacking into each other and shooting sparks in predictable directions. The older generation watches, occassionally offering wisdom that whizzes right over their heads. While everyone is busy getting laid, things change: people die, friendships collapse, hearts get hurt in ways that can't heal, children get abducted, the movie theater closes. Ennui settles like dust until it puts out any fire left but hey... there's always a cheap burger waiting for you at the cafe and a sad song in the air to help you remember when.

  • Men



    I dunno, I had a really good time with this. I’m not entirely sure what the take-away from it was but there were so many moments that got me excited: Harper walking in the rain, the tunnel echo scene, the mail slot knife moment, the rotting deer, the last 20 minutes… But also is Rory Kinear kinda hot? Β That question disturbed me most.


    In hindsight I hate all the glitchy phone stuff. Like why? Why the scary faces? Why…