Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★★

Snyder was as primed as anyone to create one of the biggest, dumbest, and most popcorn-friendly 4th of July adjacent flicks ever—solidly putting itself in the same pantheon as Independence Day, Men in Black, Terminator 2, War of the Worlds, Transformers, Top Gun, Jaws, and Escape from New York. Sure, it was released for streaming a month and change early, but there’s no doubt about it—this is a bombastic summertime blockbuster revolving around a nuke set to detonate on America’s birthday.

From the explosive, bloody, fellatio-laden prologue culminating in an epic reveal of zombie patient zero, to Vanderohe exhuming a chainsaw he’d buried in the desert on the outskirts of Vegas, to Tig Notaro’s cigar / scene chewing screen presence as Marianne, to Dieter’s safe decryption expertise and comedic schtick as the brainy German sidekick, to Hunter Bly’s insidious undertones and Japanese suavity, to Bautista’s star quality as the not so everyman ‘everyman’ Scott Ward, the ensemble is just perfect.

I felt ten again watching this, and for my jaded ass self, that is not easy to do.

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