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  • Man of Steel

    Man of Steel


    The themes addressed in this movie really are what is needed to perfectly encapsulate Superman.

    1. Immigration

    One line which struck me in this film was when Clark said to his earthly father, “Why did you let me believe I was something I wasn’t?” This “reverse culture shock” is something a lot of second generation immigrants experience. When they assimilate into a culture and then learn more about their roots, there’s an identity crisis which can occur making one feel…

  • Blinded by the Light

    Blinded by the Light


    This film should be at the top of the watchlist for every Second Generation Immigrant who is pursuing a creative career...quite precise and specific, but it does everything precisely and perfectly for this film.

    Everyone has different experiences of course, but most films which are targeted towards children of immigrants seldom share the side of the story which the parents are coming from. This was the first time I’ve seen a film truly attempt to strike a balance between cultural…