Samsara ★★½

On the whole, I don't think I like where this movie comes from. I don't like how it shows hundreds of cultural totems and behaviors erased from their essential context in collage. I don't like the way it seems to collapse the breadth of human experience into a sprawling montage of decontextualized images that share nothing but their aesthetic beauty, and mostly only the clean, symmetrical, vanilla kind of aesthetic beauty at that. I find very little challenging about it, although it seems to try to confront its audience with something indeterminate. If I'm being uncharitable, half of it is Windows wallpapers, and half of it is an exoticized travelogue that refuses to engage with the real cultural meaning of the artifacts it showcases. Sure, it's mesmerizing, even meditative during certain sequences, and I don't think it completely fails to live up to its goals, but I think it could be done much better than this.