Happy Together

Happy Together ★★★★★

Oh my god it looks so good. Oh my god it sounds so good. Oh my god. Oh my god. I have been so bloody excited for this stunning boxset to arrive and it showed up yesterday (but I was working, so I couldn’t indulge). The packaging is so sleek, the booklet is so sophisticated, it’s all super stylish, like his movies. I was erming and ahing about which one I should dive in first. I knew it couldn’t be either Chungking Express or In The Mood For Love because I’m showing mum those and said i’d wait before I watch them. It was then about do I watch one I have already seen or ones I haven’t seen before. I though, let’s go for one I have seen, and then it was between Happy Together and Fallen Angels. My fourth time watching it is from the stunning Criterion Collection rather than the cheap DVD copy I had beforehand. I’m so happy that I have got a stunning boxset of some incredible movies from an incredible auteur.

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